Training Description

This training program is geared towards improvement of food and beverage services. The training intends to define the food and beverage standards and shape a professional working culture that would see effective and efficient delivery of food and beverage services to guests. Preparatory duties (mis en scene/mis en place), execution of service and service employees deportment at the point of guest-employee interaction are the core aspects to guide the trainees towards professionalism and guest satisfaction.

Training Objectives

Upon training the learners should be able to:
  1. Know the importance of correct professional grooming and hygiene concerns
  2. Effectively and efficiently perform mis en place/ mis en scene and professionally execute food and beverage service
  3. Exercise professional service deportment and attention to the smallest of details
  4. Understand the importance of serving guests in a cheerful, courteous and efficient manner.
  5. Correctly and accurately take and disseminate guest orders (Record orders and communicate them to the kitchen)
  6. Embrace team work/spirit in their work environment
  7. Appreciate the importance of professional customer service/touch techniques in the service area


General Communication

For general queries, including partnership opportunities, please email info@bihc.ac.ke

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