Course Description

This is an advanced course geared towards understanding micro-business operations from a management perspective. This course has been tailor-made to cover the departments within a business to give a detailed understanding and ensure customer loyalty and a profitable venture. This development program intends to provide an in-depth overview of each department and its link to the overall success of any small to medium business. The course also covers introduction to food and beverage control, human resources aspects, communication skills, financial analysis and entrepreneurial skills.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, the participants should:
  1. Understand the structure, nature and operating characteristics of the different sectors of a business.
  2. Obtain an appreciation of the various functions of management and their interrelationships with other key concerns of managers such as marketing, finance and human resource management.
  3. Grasp and identify the role of managers in business; and to highlight their principal responsibilities.
  4. Understand key aspects of maximizing assets for a greater return on investment.


General Communication

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