Leadership, Supervision & Personal Development

Course Description

This is a development program geared towards effective personal skills, which are essential to maintaining a positive environment at work, with a focus on “soft skills”, which are crucial in influencing the attitudes or mindsets of personnel. They are less concrete characteristics that are not as easily assessed, yet have a daily impact on the complex issues and hence, the productivity of staff. Through this program, we emphasize multicultural understanding, awareness and tolerance of people, as well as their understanding of other working cultures, traditions and beliefs in order to promote efficiency and cohesiveness in the modern workplace.

Course Objectives

Upon training the learners should be able to:
  1. Demonstrate the importance of effective supervision.
  2. Exercise professional and effective communication.
  3. Embrace team work/spirit in their work environment.
  4. Explain the essence of productivity.
  5. Demonstrate understanding of appropriate discipline.
  6. Define teamwork.
  7. Elaborate on conflicts and conflict management.
  8. Demonstrate effective time management.


General Communication

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