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Professional Short Courses

More than ever the business world is becoming inter-dependent. We need each other’s know-how & expertise. The more we integrate; the more efficient our businesses become, the greater the workforce performance and bigger the profit margins.

At BIHC the professional development program (B2B) provides a bridge for individuals & organisations to improve on their service delivery. We develop customized training, development and competency programs to meet the needs of your teams and business.

Whether the establishment is a non-profit organisation such as a diplomatic mission, international non-governmental organisation, an SME or a multinational corporation; we tailor programs to satisfy your needs.

Every organisation/enterprise has one goal = SATISFY THE CUSTOMER. The most important aspect of this goal is customer service & delivery. HOSPITALITY is at the core of service delivery and this is where professional programs @ BIHC is benefiting supermarkets, banks, hospitals, clubs, hotels, restaurants, private schools, diplomatic missions, Government agencies and bubbling entrepreneurs.

Our programs typically run from as short as a half-day morning session to weeks depending on the nature of engagement. Regardless of the time taken to completion; each program/course offers participants recognition and certification.

Some of the popular programs that see our clients coming back for more engagements are:
1. Leadership Everywhere - the shadow of a leader
2. In the Business of People – managing people for success
3. ONE GOAL – satisfy the customer 100%
4. Who is in the Mirror? – a dose of customer service culture
5. Food Safety & Hygiene – HACCP & COVID19 best practices
6. Wine Arts – Short course
7. Bar & Mixology – Short course
8. Housekeeping – Short course

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Organizations we have worked with:
• Norwegian Embassy
• Finish Embassy
• Swiss Embassy
• Muthaiga Golf Club
• Bogoni Cottages and Tented Camps

Housekeeping: It’s more than making beds!

In Members Clubs, Hotels, Motels & Hostels the guest experience is best measured by their overall experience in their room. Many established market their resident experience as ‘a home away from home’. Housekeeping in a commercial setting is a science; it required sophisticated yet cost effective application of various appliances and amenities. ‘A bed without a client can never be recovered’. The housekeepers’ job is to ensure the guest experience warrants repeat visit. At BIHC, our short course on Housekeeping will provide valuable insight & learning for personnel in rooms’ division & domestic house managers. Besides learning how to flare-up rooms with glamour & meticulous cleanliness, students learn the all-important business aspects of this profession – ‘every penny counts’

Bar & Mixology: Unlimited choice

Gone are the days when vodka or gin is drank with a single mix-sodas. Today the market is flooded with flavoured gin & vodka. And this is not all, now a days it is a standard bar requirement to offer a variety of international cocktails and a select house specialties. Besides good beverage knowledge the bartenders now must apply creativity, innovation and broad recipe knowledge to satisfy the millennial’s appetite for variety, impulse concoction and big expectation from unlimited choice. The bar & mixology short course prepares the professional/student for the dynamic and high pace of trendy bars and social scenes. Students learn spirit-based varieties, combinations, bottle handling flare and customer interaction etiquette & guidelines.

Wine Arts: Wine & Dine!

Ever wondered what constitutes to be called a sweet, fruity, young, old, light or full bodied wine? How about pairing wine with beef, poultry, fish or even dessert dishes; ‘Wine is Art’! Not everyone gets to be a professional sommelier but everyone should know how best to handle, service and speak about wine – it’s a socio-global pre-requisite skill for hospitality professionals, corporate executives and frequent travellers. @ BIHC the short course on ‘Wine is Art’! guarantees to teach and train participants in the intricacies of wine service-culture and global trends. Your learning experience will give you an edge when it comes to enticing for a sell, service flamboyance and matching up to wine-lovers passion.

Front Desk Operations

This course has been tailored for skill enhancement of Front Desk Agents/Guest Relations Officers in hospitality and presents a systematic approach by detailing front office procedures such as patent/client expectations, quality standards, roles and responsibilities of the front office and inter-departmental communications. The course also focuses on problem handling, service recovery and guest/client relations. The training provides innovative operating ideas, understanding the front office structure, preparing for multitasking abilities to meet an effective and efficient environment in the front office department.

Course Duration

Housekeeping: 40 Hours (Mon-Fri)

Bar & Mixology: 40 Hours (Mon-Fri)

Front Desk Operations: 40 Hours (Mon-Fri)

Course Intake

Housekeeping: Start Date 12th October 2020

Bar & Mixology: Start Date 12th October 2020

Front Desk Operations: Start Date 12th October 2020


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